demo reel

Sad Sergey – Ghost Train


An ambient IDM piece inviting the listener to drift away into a vast soundscape. The fragile balance of this scarce production, along with the space becoming an instrument in its own right, were among the challenges. Special care was put into not only making the elements coexist harmoniously, but also making the presence of the artist behind the machines felt. Electronic to the end, this is a truly handcrafted voyage.

Sorrow Stories - I Tried


A synthwave / trip-hop vessel for innermost struggles must be both cool and emotional. Tina Forlorn's mantra-like production called for some subtle movement, all the while not distracting from the vocals. The beat should be tight, the bass juicy, the synths present and the whole spacey but not diluted, taking the listener on a drive along the artist's mindwave, in a retro convertible no less.

Psy'Aviah – Lessons from the Past


This funky mid-tempo song is centred around its groovy beat and Mari Kattman’s vocals. As such, it was a pretty straightforward mix job — keep the low end powerful, the drums and the bass groovy, the vocals clear and present, and ornament all of that with the layers of synths.

Dragonfly Lingo – The Vortex

Production and mix

Part of a concept album built around film samples, this track is revolving around a scene from the second instalment in the Hellraiser series. The music is a balancing act between the charm and the horror. The mix followed suit, giving the downtempo opening a mellow feel with a punch, to contrast it from the aggressive middle eight, while maintaining coherence throughout the piece. The bass and the brooding ambience are the main engulfing elements here, while the melody is to spark above the dark soundscape.

The Evoltuonaries – Lullaby


Gritty industrial metal driven by the raw power roaring through delicate layers of concept narrative. This heavily-processed recording is proudly showing its inner workings, inviting the listener to an intimate setting of a garage-rock concert in outer space. Larger-than-life yet up close and personal was the mixing motto for this piece.

Saint Martyn – Aubrey Plaza Smile


Playful John Carpenter-y gloom of the eighties with a touch of the nineties' cheer, all of that fed through the prism of the post-Y2K horror. Synthetic, robotic, human, palpable, disturbingly soothing…

IVSLYS – Armless In Heaven


Drawing inspiration from the 90s alternative, grunge and Eastern European rock, this piece had to sound big, clean but with its rough edges. With no intention to replicate the nineties sound, this is a resolutely modern production using the current techniques while following certain philosophies from thirty years ago.

∓ – James Mustaine


Blue Note meets Sub Pop. When you sign up to mix a band that call themselves “∓” you accept to throw away what you know about conventions and follow your instinct, blindfolded, hanging on to the tail of the dragon of this improbable symbiosis. To stray even further from reason, the record was mixed in mono, leaving subsequent intended stereo to its own devices.

Nicolas Pechtich – The Dream I Had Last Night (Randy Newman)

Recording and mix

This acoustical alternative take on Randy Newman's song was recorded for a film school diploma. The scarce acoustic-guitar-and-voice arrangement was featured prominently during the closing credits and had to fit the full-size movie theatre. The mix is made to be as spread-out as possible to go with the anamorphic widescreen presentation.

A. Blackbrow & A. Kryuchkov – Star Rain (Evgeniy Shtephan)

Recording and mix

Acoustic guitar duo's contemporary piece performance recorded on a 2" tape. The stereo image is to give the sense of the vast space rather than faithfully represent the musicians' disposition during the recording. The music and the arrangement both convey the idea of the the star rain perfectly, but the subtle high-pass delay adds a little touch that completes the treble tones of the picture.

Alexander Kryuchkov – Sakura (Yuquijiro Yocoh)

Recording and mix

This guitar arrangement of a traditional Japanese piece was recorded on a Studer A800 2" tape deck in a dry room. In the mix, I tried to move the setting to an oriental garden.

Terem Quartet with Svetlana Kryuchkova – For Andrei Platonov

Recording and mix

Yet another 2" tape analogue recording. The worldwide renown folk/jazz crossover ensemble Terem Quartet recorded this song with the famous Russian film and theatre actress Svetlana Kryuchkova. The vocal performance delivers the sense and the energy of the song above all. Following the dramaturgy, the emotion was put above realism in the mix, with the instruments out of balance and certain elements overpowering the mix in the moments when an extra drive is required.